Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Southern R and B Beach Band Remembered

A Hey Baby Days of Beach Music Band

 of The Original Villagers

The Original Villagers, a Rhythm & Blues beach band was formed in the 1960's by Jim Woods of Union South Carolina with members from both Union and Whimire, S.C.,. The group traveled with primarily 8 members. They recorded and released two records in the mid sixties, "Tossin' & Turnin' b/w "Send down all your Loving"and "Bye Bye JJ" b/w "Love is the Word". They also recorded other songs that were not released to the public at that time but can be heard now by using the link below to YouTube. Known for their dynamic horn section and entertaining shows, the group performed at most major colleges and universities in the southeast. They also were a favorite at coastal beach clubs in South Carolina and Florida. The group was part of a management group that included the Pieces of Eight and were the opening act for the Pieces after they released "Lonely Drifter". They could also be heard back in the sixties providing the music and fronting for THE PLATTERS, THE SHOWMEN, and THE RADIANTS and other well known groups as they toured the south in those days.
Some of the Original Villagers favorite places to perform (and party) were at Williams Lake, Athens, Ga. for the Uni of Georgia and The Red Rooster Beach Club in Panama City, Fla., and Myrtle Beach.
The bands final performance as a traveling group was at the Uni of Alabama in the fall of 1969 where they called it quits after losing several members to the military draft during the Viet Nam War and other personal reasons.

Listen to the Original Villagers once again on YouTube at: Villagers on YouTube

Updates about the Original Villagers
In 2010, The Original Villagers decided to have a 40 yr reunion.  This reunion was made possible by Larry Williams, an ex-member of the group who was originally from Whitmire, SC.  The group was invited to perform at the Whitmire "PARTY IN THE PINES" festival bringing the group back togeather for only the 2nd time in 40 years.  The members had a fantastic time before, during and after the festivities.  As a matter of fact, it was so much fun they decided to do it again the following October 2010 for the Oktober Fest in Newberry, SC.  Some pictures from both these appearances are included below:



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